OhioHealth Pulmonary Physicians AsthmaCare


The purpose of AsthmaCare is to develop a personalized management program for managing asthma. The focus is on comprehensive evaluation, treatment and patient education.

The multi-specialty team includes a pulmonologist, an allergist, a nurse practitioner and medical assistants specially trained in asthma care.


Our AsthmaCare goals are:

  • To improve and maintain health and quality of life of adults with asthma

  • To reduce need for emergency treatment or hospitalizations, therefore reducing the cost of managing asthma

  • To improve asthma care by participating in clinical research

  • To reduce long-term complications


AsthmaCare is available for:

  • Patients with moderate to severe asthma, including those with a history of hospitalization or emergency-room visits

  • Patients with difficult to control asthma

  • Patients with mild to moderate asthma

  • Newly diagnosed asthmatics

  • Atypical asthma-like presentation

  • Pregnant patients

  • Program is targeted for people 14 years of age and above


Services available include:

  • Diagnostic testing

  • Spirometry

  • Blood tests

  • Radiographs

  • Asthma education

  • Medication review

  • Inhaler technique

  • Environmental control

  • Action plans

  • Peak Flow monitoring

The initial evaluation involves the following:

  • Meeting with AsthmaCare's nurse practitioner, who will explain the program.

  • Having an assessment by AsthmaCare's pulmonologist

  • Having an assessment by AsthmaCare's allergist - if necessary

  • Having appropriate diagnostic testing and a review of the findings

  • Meeting with the nurse practitioner for specific instructions regarding personalized asthma management plans