Your Hospital Care at Riverside Methodist Hospital

Your OhioHealth Primary Care Physician, formerly Millon Clinic physician, wants the highest quality and best coordinated care for you while you are in the hospital. That’s why the OhioHealth Primary Care Physicians is partnered with MedOne Hospital Physicians to manage your inpatient care at Riverside Methodist Hospital.

About MedOne

The specially-trained hospitalist physicians from MedOne are members of the Riverside Methodist Medical staff and have extensive experience and knowledge in the care and management of hospitalized patients. And, they are uniquely available to you inside the hospital 24-hours a day. Because the MedOne hospitalists have a focus on quality and communication, the OhioHealth Primary Care Physicians are confident you will receive excellent, well coordinated care. When a hospitalist is involved, many patients are actually able to return home sooner.

The MedOne hospitalist will:

  • Coordinate your care while you are in the hospital

  • Communicate information related to your care to your entire care team

  • Collaborate with all your specialist physicians and surgeon

  • Follow-up on test results

  • Answer your questions

  • Coordinate and prepare for your discharge

  • Communicate with your OhioHealth Primary Care Physician so we may resume management of your care after you are discharged

To connect to a MedOne hospitalist and to ensure the OhioHealth Primary Care, Endocrinology & Pulmonary Physicians are kept up-to-date about your inpatient care at Riverside Methodist, please be sure to tell the hospital staff the name of your OhioHealth Primary Care Physician upon admission.

For more information, talk to your OhioHealth Primary Care Physician. You can learn more about MedOne by visiting their website: