Shared Medical Appointments for Patients with Chronic Illness or Disease


Shared Medical Appointments for Patients with Chronic Illness or Disease

At Millhon Clinic, we understand that it can be overwhelming to learn you have been diagnosed with a chronic illness or disease. You likely have a lot of questions about how to manage your health, feel your best and get the most out of life.

To help get the support you need, the Millhon Clinic has created an innovative new Shared Medical Appointment to give you access to the best medical experts, comprehensive information and the opportunity to learn from others with the same illness or disease.

What is a Shared Medical Appointment (SMA)?

The SMA is an interactive visit that includes both a private medical appointment with your Millhon Clinic physician and a group education and support session with other patients who have your same illness or disease. The education is led by a Millhon Clinic physician, certified heath educator, health coach or registered dietician.
  • Convenient 90-minute visits
  • You may bring a family member or friend who is involved with your care
  • Private medical concerns may be discussed with your healthcare provider in an exam room
  • The SMA is designed to enhance, but not replace, your regular office visit.
  • Your Shared Medical Appointment will be billed to your health insurance plan the same as a normal physician visit.

How will I benefit from a SMA?

This new option for your healthcare benefits you in many ways because you:
  • spend more time with medical professionals to enhance your care experience
  • have a secure setting where you have extended access to our multidisciplinary team of healthcare experts
  • enjoy a relaxed pace of care
  • have the opportunity to learn from the questions and experiences of others

For more information, read our Shared Medical Appointment brochure.

Ask your Millhon Clinic physician today if a Shared Medical Appointment is right for you. Or, call the Millhon Clinic at (614) 533-4000.

Shared Medical Appointments for diabetes begin in March, 2012. View the schedule.